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Player's Name: What is your name? What is your quest? You get the idea
Contact info: Give us one or two good ways to contact you - PM or [plurk.com profile] brimstonemuse
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Character: Poppy Francesca Dulcinea Thompson
Canon: Where are they from? What is their world like? Is it similar to our own? Give us a good sense of the world and the life that your OC comes from. While we don’t require a word length, we require a good grasp of the world itself.
Age: 26

History: Poppy's mother was a big fan of either historical romance novels or drugs- "Or both. Pretty much both", in Poppy's own words. This resulted in her rather unfortunate name and a pretty adventurous, if weird upbringing in a house where the surroundings constantly changed to the whims of her mother. From a young age, she learned to humor her mother's oddities, but she also developed a great deal of respect for what might or might not be real- how was she to judge just because she couldn't see it?

Her father traveled a great deal, and when she got older Poppy occasionally accompanied him on his research trips and archaeological digs, leading to a great interest in history and lore. Egyptology in particular caught her interest, and as soon as she saw the statues and relics, it all felt strangely familiar to her, like a piece she hadn't known she was missing.

Strengths/Abilities: What are they good at? What do they excel in? Magical and mundane abilities count here. List out everything. Alterations or additions to this list must meet with mod approval prior to playing in game.

- Healing, detecting disease and poison
- Wards and barriers
- Astral projection
- Spirit communication, banishing, summoning, mainly focused on the souls of the dead.
- Communion with greater spirits (Avatars): Poppy can summon avatars that take the form of Egyptian deities. These "constructs" vary in size and abilities based on the purpose she summons them for and the amount of energy she puts into them, but in general, they each have a separate personality and powers that fit the deity in question. The spirits vanish at the next sundown or sunrise, but will obey her with a varying amount of success as long as they are summoned. Her preferred default companion is Sekhmet, which appears as a glowing green lioness with a wide range of useful abilities.

Summoning is a fast process, but very draining and depending on the size of the summoning, it can vary from a small spirit that will barely wind her, to a very large spirit that could knock her unconscious. If she falls unconscious while summoning, the spirit will go uncontrolled, either vanishing or running amok for a short time until she regains control of it, or it expires...
- Rapport with animals, particularly cats

- Poppy's jewelry act as foci, strengthening her magical casting abilities, though she can perform magic without them.

Supply List:


- backpack with water bottle
- extra boot laces
- heavy-duty flashlight
- fleece hoodie
- Power bars
- small first aid kit
- pocket binoculars
- lighter and matches
- led flashlights keychain
- extra socks
- garbage bags
- small camp hygiene kit
- gummi spearmint leaves

- Small machete
- Shotgun in need of repairs

Worn: pleather and gauze coat, Jean shorts, tall boots, brass armlet and necklace, ear wrap, belt

CR Transfers (this must be cleared by mods): None!

Sample RP post: N/A


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